Top tips and exercises for growing glutes

March 27, 2019

Alot of people are asking me how to grow glutes and get that beach peach when like me, you started with a pancake bootie! My top 5 tips and top 5 exercises are as follows: 




1. You must warm up the glutes and activate them. I use bands around my knees and do lateral walks, bodyweight glute bridges and kick backs. Squats I warm up with bodyweight squats before going into the rack.

2. You must know technique and if a beginner start light to feel and grow the glutes. 

3. Eat for your goals. To grow glutes I eat clean but increase my calories to be able to build more muscle. 

4. Get enough rest to ensure the muscle can repair and grow. I aim for 8 hours a night. 

5. Have a programme that changes every 4 weeks to ensure the glutes have progressive overload. 


My favourite exercises: 

1. Glute thrust (all variations from bodyweight to barbell on bench to floor). 

2. Low bar squat (kettlebell squat for beginner, heels elevated front squat for quad day)

3. Deadlift (sumo is my fav, conventional, straight leg and romanian deadlifts)

4. Good mornings or pull throughs. 

5. Lunges (deficit lunges, step ups and split squat). 


Your welcome! 



Build your beach peach with me!

If you're interested in growing your beach peach then contact me for my glute training package. I have limited spots so get in fast for your one on one glute training. 

Email: or phone 0424043313





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