How I smashed my goals and got 2nd place IFBB Pro League Masters

August 10, 2018



For the last 16 weeks I have been measuring food. Eating clean (no cheat meal for the first 12 weeks) and exercising. This prep was different as I really believed in myself that I would do well and even place. I changed my mindset to believe I would place and I went for it. I also wrote a list of everything I wanted and so far 3 out of 5 has happened just by deciding to take action. I wrote down all the pain I would get by not achieving my goals and all the happiness I would get if I did it. 


I got 2nd place Masters in Melbourne at my first International comp. I met an amazing group of ladies and my coach Amy Fox believed I could do well and helped me every step of the way! We talked about my body and what I thinks works as a trainer and both agreed I don’t need a lot of cardio and work on muscle building as I am a hard gainer. I had managed to build a lot of muscle with my own training so a great starting point. 


I had a lot of people not support me or believe I could do it so it was great to be able to know who wasn’t a good friend and who was. I chose to not listen to the negative noise of toxic people and surrounded myself with those that believed in me and were true friends. My circle is small but it is strong and real.


With my changed mindset switched on positive drive and happiness I also met my love by admitting I wanted the dream of a lovely man and there he was when I opened myself up to be loved. 


I believe what you put out there will happen and you chose your destiny by your actions and open yourself up to what you truely want and going for it. 


I also took on accountability coaching with my clients to fast track their goals like I did and help them not just as a trainer but that person that they can rely on and a friend. I bought small groups of ladies together to also motivate each other with great results and I truely enjoy training them and all my Team GRF. 


I keep myself and my client accountable by messages, calls and building a strong Team GRF to build my clients/ friends to be beautiful and strong inside out. 


In summary believe, take action and be true to yourself on what you want and fight with all your heart to have the life you want. Xx


If your ready to be accountable and reach goals or want to be part of Team GRF email me now:

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