Why am I bloating?

October 25, 2017

Do you find by the end of the day you are bloating? This is caused by the abdominal cavity expanding due to gas and inflammation. It can affect your mood, your body and your confidence. 


What is causing it? 

Some foods that can be known culprits are:



Brussel Sprouts 



Spicey foods 

Whole grains (bread)



Other causes: 

Chewing gym

Drinking out of a straw 

Carbonate drinks 


To determine if its water retention you maybe heavier on the scale but if the weight keeps going up then it will be fat accumulation. Watch your salt intake as this can cause water retention. 


The fix: 

Cut out carbonated drinks 

Cut out or reduce intake of known bloating foods. 

Cardio can help with bloating so try a 30min sessions 5 days a week for heart health also.


I have packages that look at making you look and feel awesome as well as diet diaries to check your eating the right foods for you and nutrition guidence. I also do weekly check ins and programmes you can do on your own or at the gym. No excuses to not have confidence in your body and a flat tummy all the time 💕

Email interest: gretarazeyfitness@gmail.com 



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