2 weeks to go - 12 week bikini athlete challenge. Why I do what I do!

September 26, 2017

This week is hard. Still on low calories and training harder than ever. I almost didn't make it through my cardio last night but just sucked it up and carried on. Some days I am up at 4:45am so I can cardio and then eat in time to look fresh and be alert for clients which is my number 1 priority. 


I have abs, lean muscle and everything is coming into place thanks to my bikini coach Sheena. I had to change my posing last minute so working harder on that also. Amazing how you do all this training for 30 seconds on stage.


I train to see how far I can push my body and to face my fears of being on stage. I do it for me and as a trainer I want to show my clients and following I can change my body and transform in 12 weeks. Practice what I preach is the only way. So many trainers are offering nutrition plans or transformation packages and they dont practice what they preach. Work hard and train harder.


Surround yourself with those that are genuine and supportive with a great work hard ethic and you will reach your goals. I only train and learn from the best to be the best I can be.  


12 days till stage time and I will be ready x


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