6 weeks of my 12 week challenge - NZIFBB body!

August 28, 2017

Halfway point! Cardio has been harder this week as I have been fending of cold and flu and had to take a day off training and couldn't eat anything but a bit of bread which is so frustrating when so far into it. However, it's only one day so tomorrow will go for it and hope my appetite comes back and if not I'll just eat whatever I can in my diet anyway. 


It's not easy to get up knowing I have 3 to 4 hours of training including posing but I do it because I have to. Creating a bodybuilding bikini body is not for the average. You are an athlete and you have to have so much discipline. 


I would love to go out and eat what I want and just have the occasional treat but I know I can't do it. Some days I just stay home as it's easier. After leg day my body was aching and lying down is one way to repair so my Netflix movie watching is huge right now. 


Bikini athlete training or bodybuilding in general can be a little lonely but I know what I transform into is worth the challenge and it keeps me honest 💪🏼 


The next few weeks I need to really pull my head in and I hope this cold goes or my training just gets harder! So be it 💎💥




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