12 week challenge - 7 weeks to go! Monday motivation pep talk           💎 NZIFBB

August 21, 2017

Monday I slept 8.5 hours and still woke up exhausted on day 3 low carb days but got up and did my fasted cardio and trained clients who always make me smile and remind me why I'm a Trainer and why I love my job.

Sometimes I get a bit more passionate about people reaching goals on low cals and find I have low tolerance for bs and excuses from myself or anyone else but I should be like that anyway as we all can do better. It's ok to be ok but if your goals are average you'll get average. If your goals are big you will make it big. It's harden up and get real time with 7 weeks to go.

Don't make excuses because as my gorgeous client said to me today... I wish I had done this earlier... so do I! When you find your calling and fitness life is amazing everyday not just every now and again.

Aim high and you will go places 💪🏼 


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