12 week challenge - week 5 till bikini body NZIFBB

August 20, 2017

This week the training was ramped up with lots of drop sets and pyramids and I loved it! My muscles were on fire but that's a good thing. 


My diet is low calorie with 3 low days and 1 high carb day. I did fail and got a Bircher muslie as I was on the run to Coogee for posing and forgot my snack of oats. Yes Bircher is not healthy as muslie isn't. They are normally full of sugar. You really need to plan every meal and cook all the time which is the hardest part. 


Your emotions are almost raw because your just a little hungry and all your muscles hurt but no matter what happens in my personal life I do not let it touch my training or work life. My workmates help bring a smile to my face everyday 🙏


It has been a good lesson to see who your friends and supporters are and if people are cheering you on you know they are gold. 


Thanks to everyone that has my back, you inspire me to be the best I can be and surround me with kindness, positivity and support always x


Next goal is already in my headlights. I'm going to Melbourne 2018 and I hope to meet Arnie 😱🙈💪🏼💎⚡️💥👙 


Aim high and be brave no matter what is thrown at you! Climb over that and find your supporters and tribe or be your own tribe 💕😤💎💎💎



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