12 week NZ IFBB Body Transformation - Week 2

July 30, 2017

Hey everyone, 


Im beginning week 10 tomorrow of my 12 week body transformation challenge. I have been on very low carb food and more cardio for the last few weeks. I was exhausted but the results are worth it.


My priority is my clients so inbetween long hours at the gym I train as hard as I possibly can. My coach Sheena has just changed my plan so I am currently doing fasted cardio for half an hour in the mornings and an hour of weights followed by another half hour of HIIT cardio. Its getting harder without carbs and I am hungry. I am also adding in my own ab routine and a few extras :)


I lost 1.5kg in a week last week and this week I lost .1kg but feeling like I have more muscle and the bootie is getting bigger so dont mind that at all. The culprit food for me is bread which gave me weight gain and bloating so after I took it out of the diet I am going well. My main goal is to rest a lot more this week with the cardio but now I am doing higher carb days and low carb cycles to shock the body and see how I react. The extra carbs I will use for leg days.




I have one day a week of just cardio which is half an hour in the morning and an hour of HIIT in the evening which involves sprinting. I don't like it but it works so I do it. 


My cheat meal was a low carb bun burger at Grilld with sweet potato fries and one glass of wine. I will cut out alcohol completely now which is very hard when I love my NZ Pinot Noir. I don't have much but it adds up.


For the first time I felt confident in posing. I just needed to slow down and learn from the best. I have a long way to go but my posing coach Amy Fox is awesome! My coach Sheena Jayne pushes me and holds me accountable and I don't know where I would be without these two strong ladies having my back. I think everyone should have a trainer to advance progress and learn from so you really do push yourself harder and get better results.


Despite a week of hard work and low carbs I am looking foward to some great results and my new carb cycling to get some more energy on leg days :) 


Takeaway this week is cardio takes more out of you so sleep more and practice those poses and stay out of the snack cupboard :) I got this.. one sprint on the treadmill at a time!




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