12 week NZ IFBB body transformation - Week 1

July 20, 2017

Hey everyone,


I thought I would start a blog on my 12 week bikini athlete training journey and share with you my progress and what It takes to transform for NZIFBB show.


I wasn't going to compete this year after my March 2017 competition but found that competing keeps me focussed, out of trouble and the challenge is next to nothing I have done in my life and I have gone through a lot like we all have. I wasn't prepared for the emotions mentally and pysically you go through the first time but had a great New Zealand team and coach to help me.


I went off the deep end food wise when I moved from NZ a week after the NZIFBB March competition to Sydney and ate everything I saw. I was stressed moving and used that as an excuse to treat myself. I didn't know I would gain 6kg in a few weeks post competion and that I should have slowly gone back into eating normally as It was my first show. I didn't even have an oven to cook on so tried but I did fail to cook my usual food my body loves. I felt really uncomfortable so decided to use the extra body fat for some muscle gain time and did a mini muscle build programme. I lifted heavy and ate what I wanted but a bit cleaner. It wasn't enough and I missed my training and the challenge so decided after a chat with some of my fellow bikini gals on instagram that I should just do it in 12 weeks and make the Waikato Champs in October 7th and stand on stage with these amazing strong women again for round 2.


I know my weak points of posing so I did something about it and train now with Amy Fox in Coogee Titan gym who is amazing with this clumsy girl and making me look good. The shoes are size smaller for when I get even smaller so I practice until my feet are sore and blistered and your whole body hurts. I feel like I need a whole body massage after but I know it will pay off.


I am hungry and I want more carbs but due to my quick transformation I have to add in more cardio and eat less carbs to see how my body reacts. Thank goodness for coffee and the great sense of humour of my work mates at Fitness First who are actually very understanding and supportive.


I am craving burgers and cake but will wait till my cheat meal. I want to eat everything but I am being strong as the food is the hardest part for me and the cardio.


Today is rest day and my body aches but it is strangely satisfying. I have worked hard and will each week till those abs pop out more, those delts grow and the bootie is a muscle butt again.


Thanks for reading and your support and I will update you all next week xxx




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