Fit Chicks Abroad Healthy Eating Guide

March 24, 2017

Its been one week since I have been in Sydney and like everyone you make accommodation mistakes so I had a hostel with little or no cooking facilities and now a hotel with nothing but a fridge and kettle so here is some meal alternatives I tried that can keep you on track also.



I went to a local supermarket and found some quick cook sachets of unflavoured oats and instead of using a microwave (I don't have one) I used hot water to soak the oats, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a scoop of protein. Mix it up and you have healthy proats. If you don't have protein then look at adding in a bit of honey and cinnamon.



I eat all the time so to avoid unhealthy snacking I bought bananas and mixed nuts for snacks and found some Quest protein bars. I also bought some rice cakes (natural flavour) which I like to add peanut butter to as a quick post workout snack on the go. You could also find some hummus or pesto to have as a snack on top with some tomato and cucumber.



I bought a bag of spinach or salade, 100 grams containers of turkey or chicken pre cooked. I also found a salade bar in the supermarket that has sweet potato or cous cous in the salade. If your really desperate a tin of salmon mixed in is also good if you don't want to buy cooked chicken/turkey etc and add a couple of rice cakes as your carbs with a pre made salade.


Dinners out and about:

Go for steak, grilled chicken or salmon/fish dishes with veges or salade. You can even go to Nandos and order grilled chicken and side salad. I also went to the sushi bars and got raw fish with rice.  If your really craving a burger just don't eat the bun and no fries unless its your cheat meal.


The one thing I love about Sydney is they have fruit and cereal bars everywhere. Just be wary of muslie having a high suger content as well as yoghurt. However, if it means your not going to have something really bad for breakfast then go for it. I tend to go towards bircher as a good choice.


Your on holiday after all so if you slip up and go a little crazy then come see me for a plan to help get you back on track or if you just need some advice. Most importantly always have fun and live life to the fullest on your travels xx






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