My first NZIFBB Bikini Competition

March 15, 2017

What can I say but after 7 months of training that involved up to 2 hours cardio a dayand an hour to 2 of weights and feeling hungry, loosing some of my curves and feeling exhuasted I managed to get on stage for all of 30 seconds. We didn't even get to do a routine I practiced months as they were short on time.


At the end of the day I got over my fear of being on stage in front of people and did it with a smile in heels so high I am proud I managed to walk in them at all.


I don't know how these bikini ladies do it all the time and I am a trainer. It is a lot of hard work, eating clean and trying not to eat everything in the fridge and up to 4 hours a day training and holding up jobs. I can see why they proudly call themselves Athletes and well earned. I have a new respect for all bikini girls knowing what they go through. I am now one of them and love it.


On the day it was not glamourous at all with everyone wearing 3-4 coats of tan and sticking glue on your bootie to hold that bikini in place to eating rice cakes all day and waiting over 11 hours to get on stage to discover they already knew the winners without our full routines. At the end of the day I did it and I am proud I could do the cardio which is my weak point.



I had an online coach Sheena Jayne that sent me my programs and diet and we did posing also on video which was a lot more detailed then I thought and I had a lot of fun with her style of training. Always good to learn new and different things.


Would I do it again... hmm never say never! However would I do things differently... yes I would definitely do more abs and gain more muscle and be a bit more prepared with posing but for my first show I loved the experience, the ladies were totally amazing support crew on the day and my coach was fab.


First goal of the year done and it was a big one. Next one I am taking over Sydney! Bring it on!



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