HITT Weight Loss at home or gym


HITT training has been proven to work for weight loss, plus you can mix it up and great for those short on time that want maximum weight loss results. I have written a programme that can be at home or in the gym.

Time: 20-25 mins.


How it works…

All you need to do is work out as hard as you can for 30 seconds and active rest for 60 seconds. Week 2 try 30 seconds hard intensity and 45 seconds active rest. Week 3 try 30 seconds high intensity and 30 seconds rest. Active rest means: slow pace in between hard intensity.


HITT Programme:

Warm up 3 mins on a cycle or cross trainer. If at home do a light pace jog. Follow with 20 walking lunges and do 5 bodyweight squats (repeat x 3 times). Pick however many you like as long as you do 10 exercises 30 seconds each with your active rest amount. Add your own variations as long as your working out hard.


1. Cycle on a hard gear and go to a light moderate pace in your rest period.

2. Skip as fast as you can, active rest do a light jog

3. Rowing machine go as hard as you can, light intensity in rest.

4. Cross trainer hard pace and light on the active rest period. 

5. Knee ups – rest a slow jog pace.

6. High kicks – rest a slow jog pace.

7. Jumping squats – rest do a side to side lunge

8. Mountain Climbers – rest do a slow jog.

9. Lying leg raises – rest do a slow jog.

10. Star jumps – rest side to side jog.'


Advanced after 10 rounds: Finish with 2 supersets:

Press up’s for 30 seconds and Abs crunches 30 seconds (no rest in the middle). 30 seconds rest and repeat x 2


Cool down: Slow jog on the spot for 3 min and stretch muscles worked.



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